The "Unmentionables": Week 3 of the Simple Mom Challenge

The "Unmentionables": Week 3 of the Simple Mom Challenge

Week 3 of the Simple Mom Challenge proved to be quite revealing as I tackled my “unmentionables” drawer. Rooting through the mess of cotton, lace, and spandex, I shook my head in frustration at the sight of my daughter's 3-year-olds skivvies in the mix of my seemingly large bloomers.

After a more in-depth examination of the cotton evidence, I discovered the panties were half the size of one of my gluteus maximus cheeks and shockingly were once my undies. Sighing, I closed my eyes and reminisced about a perkier time, 10 years ago to be exact, when my toosh was considerably smaller.

Sifting through the garments I found a poker chip, random crumbs, an old pacifier, and 6 bras; all in different sizes. Demoralized at the pathetic state of my intimate wardrobe, I made three piles - throw away, donate, and keep.

I have to be honest with you, I feel a little odd about donating my knickers, and admit - I threw most of my pantaloons in the garbage.

As the "throw away" pile grew larger and larger, I sat back and observed the "Keep" pile:

-1 New Kids on the Block night shirt from junior high
-4 pairs of knee high socks, all with holes in the heels and toes
-4 pairs of basic cotton bikinis from Victoria’s Secret, all barely hanging on to their elastic waist
-2 bras
-1 Spanx body shaper

This challenge was easy! I was so overdue in purging my drawers that my undergarments were literally disintegrating, leaving me no choice but to throw everything away. The teeny tiny underwear was a no-brainer. Realizing time travel would be in order to ever step foot into miniscule lingerie again, away they went - into the trash.

Sure, I have traded skinny and sexy in satin nighties for tired and curvy in my NKOTB night shirt, but deep down, I think a woman can be enticing and attractive in anything. And in my opinion, being a tantalizing women is all about attitude, it does not matter what you wear...

I found several small boxes in my basement to use as dividers, so no money spent! However, I am in need of a serious intimate shopping spree...

Is your lingerie drawer in a bit of a shambles? Is it time to update your "after hours" look?


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    Great job on the unmentionables drawer redo. I like the use of boxes to organize the space.

  • Dorothy,
    Thank you for the kind comments. I needed to work with what I had in the house. Not catalog pretty, but works pretty darn well! Thanks for reading!

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