Storytelling Mothers: We Are Not Alone!

Storytelling Mothers: We Are Not Alone!

I am finding there are many parents out there with a daily diary to share but few storytellers willing to vocalize their unique voices and pepper their posts with a great sense of humor. As you know, I am a big believer of spreading the love, and cannot help but share with you, dear reader, three sensational women.

Making each blog post count with thought-provoking topics and intelligent narratives, all three of these gals encourage me to live my day with an enthusiastic spirit.

I aspire to be intelligent, witty, and marvelous like these writers and hope you will enjoy their journey about life, kids, careers and motherhood as much as I do! Because isn’t it nice to know you're not alone out there?!

Jana at An Attitude Adjustment

I have mentioned Jana before as she was the inspiration for my coffee detox  and she continues to impress me with her snappy wordplay, outrageously creative posts, and an amazing knack for weaving the English language into a genuinely enjoyable read. I encourage you to follow Jana as she takes you through her life as a college writing instructor, mother, and Superwoman.

My favorite post to date from Jana is about Women’s History Month. Only Jana can make this serious topic amusing...

Kristen at Motherese

I love Kristen because she projects a beautiful and honest side of mothering. Her latest post, Puddle Jumping, is the perfect example of a typical day with small children. Some days are bright sunshine, while other days leave you feeling tired and soggy. Kristen’s storytelling always reminds me to appreciate the moments I am having right now with my kids rather than dwelling on the momentary challenges of modern motherhood.

Amy from Pitstops For Kids and The Never-True Tales

In Pitstops for Kids, Amy takes life by the reigns and embraces adventure with her family in tow! She is not only a fantastic writer but a family travel expert who makes sightseeing with children sound so exciting and pain-free, I have mustered the courage to brave another vacation with my small children. Amy's second blog, The Never-True Tales, in my opinion, is a no-nonsense parenting blog which focuses on sharing her family's adventures rather than highlighting flashy ads and contests. I especially love that Amy is  earning a living doing what she loves making her a living example that with persistence and passion, we can all live out our dreams of combining work and play!

Do you have a favorite storyteller? Do share!

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