Spring Cleaning: Take The Simple Mom's "Project Simplify" Challenge

Spring Cleaning: Take The Simple Mom's "Project Simplify" Challenge

Purging. Like music to my ears, I love any word related to the simplifying of life. Spring cleaning makes me smile and this year, the PWAP gals are participating in the Project Simplify Challenge with Simple Mom, Tsh Oxenreider!

My kids are getting older and have graduated from Thomas the Train to Spiderman and baby toys to elaborate Playmobil animal spreads. A need to purge, donate, and dump has been looming for many months now and what a better way to check another task off my to-do list - the encouragement of a deadline!

The first week of the challenge is designated to kids' toys, which has long been my arch nemesis since having children. At the end of the day, I long for a glass of wine and an adult house, so all toys must retire to their designated space. I converted a large coat closet on our main floor to store toys, books, puzzles and games and have found it in desperate need of reorganizing.

Add in a new baby and it is just a matter of time before little Gertrude's toys are taking over the house!

I invite you to take this challenge with me! The goal is not to have a perfect home at the end of the month, rather, lighten the pressure of those high traffic and messy areas to make your life a little easier!

If you do not have children - NO PROBLEM! Tackle your accessories, the cabinet under your bathroom sink, or your pantry.

A few thoughts...

  • You do not have to spend money - I have no extra cash this month to buy extra bins or install new shelves. I MUST be creative in my approach and shop around in my own home to accomplish this task!
  • I am taking a firm approach when it comes to the toys - If you have not played with it since you have been born, it goes in the trash or is donated. A little rigid, I know, but goodness, we have way too many toys in this house!
  • I will NOT have a garage sale - The goal is to be a little more stress free at the end of the month, so I am opting to sever my ties with the items via the trash can or donation drop off.

What part of your home drives you crazy? Take the challenge and tackle one area a week! Feel free to post before pictures on the PWAP facebook page or wait until Friday so we can both present our spanking new, reorganized spaces!

Do not forget to visit Simple Mom to review the challenge details!

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