Old Wives' Tales Do Not Work: Modern Ways to Induce Labor

My husband wants this baby to be born before 2012. Yes, he wants to see his third bundle of joy but he would also like to get an additional Child Tax Credit next year.

Can't you just take a couple of trips around the block? Let's get this labor going!

I'll tell you one thing - sex is OUT. By the third kid, nothing is really that perky anymore and the thought of prancing around in the bedroom just leaves me in tearful laughter.

I searched around to find suggestions about inducing labor and found the usual:

  • Castor Oil - Just a spoon full of this is supposed to propel me into labor?
  • Eat Spicy Foods - I have been eating super spicy curry infused Thai food for a while now, so I am immune to spice
  • Go for a bumpy car ride?
  • Eat Labor Cookies - these sound repulsive, so I will not be whipping up a batch

I started to brainstorm new ideas for inducing labor...

  • Buy brand new ridiculously priced lingerie and put on. In true child-rearing fashion, your soon-to-be newborn will seize this opportunity to ruin something expensive
  • Re-enact "What a Feeling" from Flashdance. Say no more.
  • Start practicing what mothers around the world are truly good at. Shaming their children. Start their baby book off on the right foot - material for their therapist!

What strange things have you done to bring on labor? Please share! (No pictures, please...)


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  • 1. Run up and down stairs
    2. Get a pedicure (you have pressure points on your foot that can induce labor.
    3. Pick up child #1 and #2
    4. Yoga

    The child will come when ready. Enjoy these days....

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Love your suggestions, beth! #3 happens a lot around here... I think i need to start practicing patience and realize this baby will come out when he/she is ready. Sigh... :)

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    My mom is a labor & delivery nurse, so I've heard some whopper suggestions from her - most of which are inappropriate to share!!! However, to her patients they're like gold & work every time.

  • Bless your mother! Labor and delivery nurses are amazing people!! When it comes to childbirth, nothing is inappropriate... :)

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