Giving In During the Holidays: When Persistent Whining Gets the Best of Parents

Giving In During the Holidays: When Persistent Whining Gets the Best of Parents
Keeping the peace at Christmas...

Earlier this month, something went terribly awry with our Advent calendar...(Or, maybe I was lacking sleep December 1st and had no patience for whining.)

My mother purchased two Play Mobile Advent Calendars, each depicting a different scene - 1 a dainty forest for my 3 year old daughter, the other a kingly styled layout for my 5 year old son.

It started out well enough, the kids setting up their calendars and examining the perforated doors, but quickly turned ugly as I re-explained the rules about opening one "special" door a day.

After the first door was opened, like strung out drug addicts, my children ranted around the house for hours talking of nothing but the Advent calendars.

"May we have one more today? We NEED it!" they, once again, persistently whined.

Hour after hour, I held my ground. But as the headache behind my eyes grew and the thought of facing another minute of sleeve tugging flashed before my eyes, my husband and I gave in.

Annoyed that we had caved so quickly, but exhausted at the thought of going through ANOTHER life lesson about patience that day - we just let them have the damn Advent calendars.

A quick text to my mother asking her never to bring over one of those argument-starting calendars again, I instantly felt better about the holiday season...

All you naturally patient parents out there are rolling your eyes, I know it. And let me just tell you, I continue to work on practicing patience and ignoring whining with my therapist.

I believe each parent out there has natural knock out skills and other supposedly “easy and obvious” parenting skills have to be polished and practiced - sometimes every hour of the day.

Yes, my children always push the envelope. They usually do not take no for an answer and I admire their tenacity and know these traits will be helpful to them as adults. I know because I possess these traits.

And while my children are labelled as “stubborn” and sometimes “difficult”, I choose to look at their persistence as something positive which needs patient guidance.

Unfortunately, today I was lacking in patience and took the easy way out...

Have you ever given in to your children?

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