Been There, Birthed That: The Nesting Instinct the Third Time Around

I subscribe to a pregnancy newsletter just for fun, as my "been there, done that" attitude about childbirth has been the driving force of mustering enough energy to take on the chaos of my day.

Perky, cute as a button images of models with tiny bumps skipping about has papered the ezines and I was pleasantly surprised to see a model in my last email looking less than thrilled and perched atop a birthing ball.

A smile appeared on my face, because this model captured what I was feeling that particular day. Back pain and pressure in my nether regions you can only speak about with your mother and close girlfriends.

In bold type, the editors of the newsletter informed me of that great state of euphoric energy which was due to hit my being any day - the nesting instinct.

Excited at the thought of organizing and cleaning my home with a toothbrush put my pregnant mind at ease. So I enthusiastically waited for the day to hit.

And I am still waiting...

My obstetrician informed me at my last visit that I was progressing nicely and could very well have my baby any time. Daily contractions and dilation checked off my labor to-do list, I lay waiting for that final burst of energy before my baby arrives.

I can’t say we have gone above and beyond to prepare for our third child. Yes, the baby’s room is freshly painted in "craft paper", a nice gender neutral color. The crib is assembled. Green, yellow and white onsies washed and prepped for a little baby to squirm and sleep in. We have diapers, wipes, formula and bottles (because I will not be breastfeeding this time around).

But no explosion of preparation.

Is my third child already getting the shaft?

As I type, I am having a nice contraction and start to contemplate doing more.

But what?

All this baby needs is a place to sleep, food, diapers and love, right?

And as much as I felt energized to scrub every inch of my house with my first pregnancy and clean all of my window screens right before my second delivery, I feel like my nest is pretty much in order and ready for another baby bird.

I know fun stories abound with the topic of nesting!

How did you prepare your home for baby? If you had more than one child, did your nesting approach differ?


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    Argh! Contractions are the worst! I think that, as a pregnant momma, you should assign the nesting task to another person. You should be resting for the birth and after math. Like you said, don't be a martyr. You've already spent 9 months on your feet and in pain, it's time to let yourself rest. :) (Naturally, it's easy to say when not in the situation, so feel free to throw a punch in my direction.)

  • I have assigned some tasks but being that I am a little bit of a recovering control freak, I have reverted back to being in charge. Gotta get it together-thank you for the pep talk!

    My husband just told me to sit down and then I realized that the activity around me is distracting me from being uncomfortable. I'm not sure if that made sense...

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Amber!

  • I've been thinking about you and wondering when that baby will arrive. My advice to is to enjoy being a family of four for a few more days. The baby has everything he/she needs.

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Hello! I know I am being a little bit of a whiny baby right now. I forgot about the uncomfortableness at the end... We are enjoying our moments together as a crew of 4, which keeps me distracted. The kids are really super excited about "their baby", which is so lovely.

    I know this baby is in the best place and will come when he/she is ready! Suck it up, Elizabeth (my new mantra for the week...)

    Thank you for the kind and encouraging words!

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    I love reading this blog because I have all of these wonderful ideas of what it will be like when I am a mother, then once I've read the articles here I'm smashed back to reality of "Motherhood isn't always what it's cracked up to be, but you can still make it awesome". It's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the words of wisdom and inspiration!!

  • In reply to Jess Bedsole:

    Oh, please do not abandon any wonderful plans for motherhood based on my stories. You CAN make it magical and awesome; your perfect picture just needs a little tweaking sometimes! :)

    A little sense of humor goes a LONG way when it comes to child rearing too... And a lot of coffee, and yoga, and therapy helps as well! ;)

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    I'm new to both the community and mommyhood. I definitely went through the nesting phase but I think it was mainly because everyone told me I was going to if that makes any sense. I subscribed to baby communities and I found myself experiencing everything they warned me about if for no other reason than to say I did. Congrats on #3 by the way!

  • In reply to Go 2 Mommy:

    I have to admit, It does get really exciting to prepare for your first baby. And most of what is in the newsletters is a fun and exciting part of that preparation. Welcome to parenthood! It is full of excitement and joy and laughter! How old is your little one?

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