A Better List of Holiday Movies: So Long White Christmas!

Tired of the usual Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life, my Christmas season movie list is a little different than the rest...

Home for the Holidays

This movie is hysterical and completely sums up what a good old fashioned family is all about. It’s about avoiding sensitive issues until they erupt in a mountain of curse words over the holiday table.

Holiday Inn

Released in 1942, this movie was the first to feature the song, "White Christmas" in all of its original black and white glory. The story is so much better than that other movie, White Christmas, released in (ick) color in 1954.

The Thing

My husband insists this is a Christmas movie. Well, there is snow in it...


The soundtrack to my Christmas, this musical defines my holiday season.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Another lively musical with songs you don’t mind getting stuck in your head. Oh, the kids seem to like it too!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Who doesn't like Tim Burton? This film is pretty much played in our house from Halloween straight through to Christmas.

Love, Actually

I can’t get enough of this movie which features a lovely assortment of celebs who are convincing and the story quite magical. This is the only movie in which I can stand Hugh Grant, who of course plays some rich guy who ensnares the heart of a girl considered way beneath him.

 What movies do you like to watch during the holidays? Break from tradition!


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    I am definitely liking this list. It stands out. Die Hard would fit well on a list like that. Check out my holiday movie bucket list on Sobriety Test Movie Reviews at http://bit.ly/t2kVRt

  • In reply to SoberFilmCritic:

    Yes, Die Hard is a great Christmas movie! I also forgot Gremlins! Thanks for reading!

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