We're Thankful, But Now What? Living a Fruitful Life

We're Thankful, But Now What? Living a Fruitful Life
What do you do with your personal harvest?

I have heard a lot about being thankful over the past couple of days, reminding us to be appreciative every day of the year. This concept of continual gratitude is a wonderful way to practice living.

But what comes of being gracious and thankful?

How about living a fruitful life? One which graces us with peace to live each day with a smile on our face?

Being thankful not only opens the doors of our heart to feel the full blessing of just having life on this earth, but gives us the opportunity to stop making excuses and pursue our goals - all with a smile on our face.

Why not try something new this year and start being gracious in small ways:

  1. Smile-for goodness sake take that sourpuss look off your face! There's a lovely person under there!
  2. Be patient with the retail employees on Black Friday.
  3. Resist complaining for one day, or how about one hour?
  4. Stop nagging your spouse, kids or significant other.
  5. In the midst of not knowing what to do, try some good ol' air punches to help break the tension, make you giggle, and refocus.

How can you be gracious in a small way and build to moving mountains?

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thank you for reading Parenting Without A Parachute over the past year.

I appreciate your love and support!





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  • Manners! They aren't for you, they are for other people. "Please" and "thank you" go a long way. So does dressing appropriately and eating with your mouth closed.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • In reply to sfabsik:

    Shari, I am so sorry I missed your comment! Yes, manners are essential. Sometimes I can't help myself and laugh out loud when adults eat with their mouths open...

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