Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center: A Sincere Space for Aesthetic Guidance

Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center: A Sincere Space for Aesthetic Guidance

I have a pretty basic approach to my beauty regimen, and find as I drift into my more sophisticated years, I have become in tune with my body. Inevitably, just as I have my internal and external physique figured out, I become pregnant, my body changes and I must start again.

Hormones, the most powerful force in the universe as far as I am concerned, rule my body. Add in a stressful day or a few sleepless nights and my body revolts, my epidermis oozing out a not-so-beautiful me.

I had the opportunity to visit Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center in Chicago over the weekend and found a group of supportive and educated women who know the business of aesthetics, wellness, and women.

The owner and board certified physician, Dr. Eliza Parker-Briones, not only welcomes you with her superior knowledge of Western and holistic medicine but exudes a genuine concern for your overall well-being. As I spoke with Dr. Parker-Briones about her vision for Cadella and her clients, I found one consistent theme.

Cadella is a place of support, where clients are lead step-by-step to transform into the healthiest person they can be inside and out. Indulging in a complimentary eyebrow wax and tint, my confused, pregnant face did feel transformed by one simple act of beauty maintenance.

I asked myself, "What would happen if I addressed all of my health concerns and was guided instead of brushed off as a high maintenance patient?"

Admittedly a very personal part of my life, discussing the health concerns I have with a medical practitioner has proven to be difficult in the past. As I walked through my various ailments and physical blemishes, I found each practitioner at Cadella actually listened to me. Many times I have been dismissed and handed a quick prescription as a “remedy” to my concern.

Dr. Parker-Briones has surrounded herself with a team of practitioners who believe in a medical spa which provides clients and the surrounding community with health education and guidance. Nutritional counseling, hormone balancing, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and chiropractic adjustment are just a few of Cadella's services.

I would encourage you to visit Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center and invest in the process of healing your self.

Your body will thank you!


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  • Well written and so true. We always seem to be ourselves on the bottom of the totem pole - but we deserve it!

  • In reply to Yoga Mom:

    Agreed! (And thank you for the kind words!) :)

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