Keeping Your Sanity During The Snowpocalypse, Blizzardgate, etc.

It looks like anyone who lives in the middle of the country is about to be snowed in. If you have been watching t.v. coverage of the weather, the upcoming blizzard is akin to the apocalypse. Pretty soon we will be trapped in our houses with our noses pressed against the window, watching the snow pile up to the rooftops. I have already been home bound for a week with the flu, so I'm getting a little Howard Hughes-y.  In order to keep my sanity over the next few days, I decided to put together a list of some indoor activities to keep my toddler and myself entertained.

1. Make an indoor "beach" for your kids. Turn up the heat, put on your kids' swimsuits and pretend you are on a tropical island. Have them splash in the tub and bust out the Moon Sand to make a sand castle. Then pour yourselves some juice topped off with an umbrella.

2. Make something fun together. Let your kids have special treat that you would normally save for a special occasion, like Funfetti Pancakes. Your kids will remember the blizzard of 2011 as the time when mom let them eat frosting and sprinkles for lunch and dinner.

3. Turn your house into a cool fort. Make the biggest fort you possibly can. Use every piece of furniture and blanket in the house, then hang out underneath with a flashlight. It's amazing how long pretending to be a cave explorer can keep a kid busy.

4. For you, catch up on some reading. Read something that will make you laugh, because all of this snow is going to make you cry.  If you like cheesy reality t.v. like me, you may enjoy the funny recaps of The Bachelor at Some Guy in Austin and I Hate Green Beans.

Let's hope we all make it through this blizzard safely and mentally sound. Do you have any other ideas or activities that keep your kids busy when you can't go out? Unfortunately we can't all take some HiberNol until this is all over.....



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  • That hybernol commercial is one of my favorite SNL sketches! I bought a ton of baking stuff yesterday, so the kids and I can make cookies and brownies and cupcakes and then Peter and I can eat them in our winter depression...

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