I love fractions. Fractions are easy.

The mantra of a four eyed fourth grader.  Picture a little Elizabeth sitting in a classroom reciting, "I love fractions.  Fractions are easy."

I had a wonderful 4th grade teacher, I'll call her "Mrs. Brown", who was lovely and patient and would sit with me during recess practicing fractions.  As I sat at my tiny desk crying my eyes out, Mrs. Brown very gently made me repeat the following:

I love fractions.  Fractions are easy.

And so began my life of practicing positive self talk.  Thank you, Mrs. Brown!

Fast forward to college, where I am now your typical confused communications major.  I am not embarrassed to say that I struggled through 4 math classes and had to take one class twice.  (Darn Finite Math!)

One thing remained as I battled through each class.  My fourth grade mantra.

I love fractions.  Fractions are easy.

I love teachers like Mrs. Brown, because she had a non-intimidating way of helping a struggling student.  I am sure she looked through my fogged over glasses and into my eyes, and saw a desperation to learn.  She didn't have to sit there with me, but I know she cared and wanted me to master fractions.

As a parent, I have witnessed my son struggle at an early age with his speech development.  In time, I realized I could not give him the help he needed and decided to get him support.  A friend referred me to an early intervention program and within 6 months my son was speaking!  Now 4, you would never know Raymond struggled to find a word!  (Now, he speaks from the moment he is awake until he passes out at night!)

My point is, there are amazing individuals out there who genuinely care for children and are passionate in supporting them with their educational needs as well as their self-confidence.

If you have a student who needs educational support, check out these local master tutors!

Marlaine Smith, North Aurora and the Fox Valley Area

A certified K-8 teacher, Marlaine Smith's bright nature and calm demeanor creates a positive environment for study.  Specializing in helping students achieve mastery in language arts, reading and math, Mrs. Smith's passion to support students is evident in her practical and patient approach.

-Mrs. Smith says: "Each child is different and requires a unique support program for their studies."

"I love seeing the sparkle in a child's eye when they understand a concept.  Children are gifted in so many ways and I love being a part of supporting their education and coaching them to achieve mastery in the areas in which they struggle.  Teaching and working with children is my passion!  I am blessed to do what I love!"  -Marlaine Smith

Contact Marlaine directly at 630-308-9756 or at marlainetutoring@sbcglobal.net

Brandi Markovic of Blooming Readers in Addison, IL
A reading specialist with 10 years of classroom experience as a Special Education Teacher, Brandi helps students not only become proficient life long readers, she supports and motivates with her creative style.  You can expect a tailored plan specifically for your students needs.  Private and group tutoring is available for primary and intermediate grades.

-Mrs. Markovic recommends a student should receive at least 3 hours a week of direct instruction for ideal progress.

"For ideal progress, I recommend students should receive at least 2-3 hours a week of direct instruction and time to practice learned skills or strategies."  -Mrs. Markovic

For more information about Blooming Readers, check out their Facebook page or contact Brandi directly at Brandimarkovic@hotmail.com or 630-317-7365.


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  • thanks for posting this! very good advice.

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    Thanks! I wish I would have taken advantage of a tutor when I was in school...

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