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It’s NOT Fair!

Do you ever hear that from your kids, out of envy over some perceived advantage bestowed on a sibling? Sibling rivalry is unavoidable, and is often fueled by each child’s unique place in your family’s birth order. You may not be able to make this disappear, but your awareness of how birth order affects it... Read more »

My Confession: Using Encouragement and Praise

Definitions When I looked up praise and encouragement on the computer, the following is what popped up. Praise: • …the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something. Encouragement: • …the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope. Look at them carefully. Both definitions are nice, warm, and fuzzy! You have just seen... Read more »

My New Year's Resolution

I made a choice in 2015 to start a blog about parenting, because I was aggravated with all the misinformation being fed to parents by the media, by doctors, and by other authorities! My first post to the blog was in December. Admittedly, sometimes I am lazy and would rather go out than sit at... Read more »