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Stickers are Sticky: Use with Caution

   Lots of parents like to reward their kids with stickers. It certainly feels better than getting your child to behave through punishment, such as spanking, which is basically scaring your child into compliance.  To be honest, at one point, as an elementary teacher, I hoarded, loved, and used stickers and sticker charts. The children... Read more »

Is Time-Out a Waste of Time?

I have always wondered about giving a child time-out. How in the world do you enforce it? What does it mean to the child? Who is it for, the adult or the child? How long should it last? Where should it take place? If you place most children in their rooms these days, they either... Read more »

Spanking Is Fast, But Will It Last?

My mom once mentioned that my dad had wanted six children. Well, I am the youngest of two. I think I had something to do with that. While my brother was a relatively easy going child, I was “high maintenance.” Dealing with me was the best birth control around. My parents have told lots of... Read more »