Part II: Taking a Walk with My Daughter

I want to preface this by saying that every child is different, so every walk will be different. When my daughter was almost two years old, we often took strolls through our typical suburban neighborhood. Sometimes we didn’t get very far. Here’s what happened, one day, on a 45-minute walk in our front yard. (Yes,... Read more »

Crisis Hits and You’re Working at Home with Toddlers: Take a Walk

In my last two posts, the focus was on activities to do with your youngster(s) while working at home. I am going to write more on that topic in future posts. In response to the prior two posts, someone wanted to know my favorite activity with toddlers. The activity I have in mind happens during... Read more »

Part II: Home With Your Toddler: What to Do

The criteria for List #1: Toys/objects that do encourage exploration Your goal is to keep the child active, so get a toy or object that can be played with in many ways. This encourages the child to get creative with the toy or object. If you can’t quickly name many things a child could do... Read more »

Home with Your Toddler? What to Do

During this Corona Virus crisis, many folks are working virtually from home. What do you do if you have one or more children at home that you didn’t expect to “take to work?” It’s a conundrum. You love your child, but you don’t want to perform poorly at your job because you have a screaming... Read more »

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What Do the Walls in Your Child’s Classroom Tell You?

When you walk into your child’s classroom, do you see art or just cute stuff? What difference does it make? To me, it matters a great deal. In fact, it’s a huge passion for me. My work in early childhood is more than a job. I want children to be creative artists, not just robots,... Read more »

Mealtime Ideas

Years ago, the director of a preschool told me the highest predictor of good SAT scores was whether a family ate dinner together. I have no idea if this is true or not. However, I do know that eating meals together is helpful for many reasons. In this blog, I’ll discuss four ways that having... Read more »

The Value of Being Vulnerable

In the last few weeks, I have both done something I felt awkward about and seen my daughter try out for something where she felt vulnerable. In both cases, I felt less than positive, to say the least! In fact, it stunk. Regarding the case of myself, I walked into a new type of exercise... Read more »

My Child’s First Sentence was “I Want a Happy Meal and French Fries and a Toy”

As an early childhood educator, I would like to lie about her first sentence. Wouldn’t it be great if she said, “Please give me a carrot, Mama!” Or, how about “I love you, Mama.” For most of her life she’s hated most vegetables and fruits. In fact, the only fruit she would eat in preschool... Read more »

Breathe Please

Yesterday, while I was getting my hair cut, my hairdresser told me that her family was going to a resort for vacation. Her boys (3 and 5) were very excited, because they had never flown on a plane. This reminded me of a when I was waiting for a flight and I saw a mom also... Read more »

Mommy's Sick

Introduction                                          I know that there are new commercials out about Mommy or Daddy not being able to take a sick day, but let’s get real. Whatever magic product that a commercial is selling does not... Read more »