What I Get Out Of Having Women As Friends

I have always run into women and girls who claim that they "get along better with guys," or have only "guy friends."  The whole premise being that women are superficial, or gossipy, or shallow - and they just like the straight forward honesty of the male sex.  From my experience, this is just a bunch of hooey!

I adore my women friends.  Sure, I have had friends who I found gossipy and superficial, and even boring.  But those are just individual woman, not the whole of womenkind who possess those qualities.  As a 45 year old woman, I try and surround myself with people I respect.  Women who are strong, who are insightful and intelligent.  I love to be around women who are doing things, who have goals and are moving forward with their passions or their dreams.  Always, I leave my time with them and feel inspired.

A woman inn our community passed away this week, and although we were not close, I have learned things from her as well.  She was another strong woman, who seemed from a distance to be raising good kids, one who suffers from autism.  Watching another Mom parent a special needs child, advocate for him, love him, and do it with grace, all gave me pause and time to think.  How am I doing it?  How do I appear to the naked eye in my parenting of a child with special needs?  Frazzled, tired, lost....or maybe with a little bit of grace myself?

Yesterday I stopped at a friends to pick up my little one and she invited me in for coffee (really fabulous coffee).  My first reaction was to say "oh no, too much to do" but I thought of this other Mom and decided to stay.  I left two hours later feeling inspired abut a book I am working on, with some new places to look for funding and support.  Well spent time with a smart, cool, interesting, well spoken woman - that I am proud to have as a friend.

I think I am a better woman from having women friends, and that if you just seek them out, they are there.

The good ones, the cool ones, and the ones that will help you grow as a person too!


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