Date Night with The Cribs: You missed one hell of a show

“I know a place we can go where you’ll fall in love so hard that you’ll wish you were ten” Who the hell schedules a concert during the week anyway?  With lunches to be made and clothes to iron, not to mention bath time, homework obligations, and of course finding someone to actually watch all... Read more »

30 things I don’t want to hate about being a parent, but do anyway

What can I say?  I needed to vent a bit. I think I’m allowed to do so once in a while without the fear of judgment, or hatred, or whatever else anybody wants to throw my way for “complaining” about the struggles of being a parent. Hell, I’ll be the first to admit…this shit is... Read more »

Water gun violence in America: How a purple whale side grip shot me down

“Mama, you want to play with me?” “Sure!” “Okay, here, I made this for you.  Pow!  Pow!  Pow!” I guess I was supposed to shoot him back with the brightly colored gun he made me out of Duplo blocks, but I didn’t want to.  I hated the thought of saying “Bang, bang, you’re dead” or “Mama shot... Read more »
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My kids have turned Jerry Seinfeld into one big buzzing bee...permanently

Jerry Seinfeld: This is what my husband used to see when watching reruns of one of his all time favorite television shows.
I was 12 years old when I first sat down to watch the movie Saturday Night Fever.  I remember my grandmother coming across it while flipping through channels one afternoon and telling me it was her favorite movie of all time.  I also remember her telling me that the word “pig” used by John Travolta’s... Read more »

Tell me a story about being grateful, because this whiny, and usually bitchy mother of four children needs to hear it

“I’m sorry, but your card isn’t going through.  Try swiping it again.” “Really?  Okay, let me try one more time.” “Nope, sorry.  It doesn’t seem to be taking it.” “Never mind, I’ll put the milk back.  Thanks anyway.” Some days, it can be really hard to see the good in our surroundings.  To be able... Read more »

Sorry, sweetie, but being labeled a teenager is not an excuse to act like asshole

When I was a teenager I took so much acid that I became utterly immune to it, having to take two or three doses in order to feel the high that was supposed to come with it.  On top of that I also inhaled nitrous oxide (laughing gas) on a regular basis, took ecstasy on... Read more »

If I’m not careful now, my daughter will turn out just like her mother

A lot of people tell me she looks just like me.  I can’t help but smile to myself whenever I hear that.  She really does.  A lot.  Something about the way our eyes crinkle when we laugh.  Yeah, I can see that. I can also see about a million other things in her that she’s... Read more »

The Baltimore woman caught on tape hitting her child is not a hero...she’s a mother

When I was in the 6th grade my mom slapped me in the face.  Hard.     But not because she was a bad mother.  Nope.  Far from it. She did it because I deserved it.  Now, before all you parents who wouldn’t think about laying a finger on your children, believe me, I understand where you’re... Read more »

10 Hard to Watch Movies if you're a Parent like me...

<a href="">The Orphanage</a> (2007 Spanish horror film) - I’m a huge fan of Guillermo del Toro.  I saw The Orphanage not too long after falling in love with Pan’s Labyrinth, and while the I loved this movie too, I may never be able to sit through it again.  The story surrounds a woman, named Laura, who brings her family back to her childhood home, which used to be an orphanage.  Her husband and her 7 year old adopted son, Simón, accompany her while she plans to reopen the orphanage as a facility for disabled children.  While at the home, Simón confides to Laura that he’s befriended a boy named Tomás.  Laura at first thinks nothing of his imaginary friend, but pictures Simón draws of his new friend reveals Tomás wears a sack mask over his head.  At a welcome party Laura throws for the new facility, Simon goes missing and the entire movie follows her on her journey to figure out what happened to her little boy.  Without giving too much away, the ending sequence is heart wrenching for anyone to witness, especially those with children of their own.  
Wonderful movie and very frightening at times, which I enjoyed, but don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you if you decide to watch this film.  
The reveal scene stayed with me for days.
I like to consider myself somewhat of a movie buff, especially when it comes to anything horror related.  When I was younger, my dad used to rent my sister and I a different scary movie every Friday night.  Let’s just say that from an early age our fears of being invaded by a circus tent... Read more »

Conversations with my kids: Stories from a past life, Part 1 - One less friend

When I look back at how I was when I was younger, I wish I would’ve done a lot of things differently.  School, friends, boyfriends, siblings, family.  Let’s just say that I made quite a few mistakes along the way.  Nothing too crazy, but still, mistakes no less.  Mistakes I wish I could take back. ... Read more »