Don’t post that on Facebook…It will make you look like a horrible…

A horrible friend?  A horrible vegan?  A horrible catholic?  A horrible teenager?  A horrible co-worker?  A horrible husband?  A horrible teacher?  A horrible person?  In my case, a horrible mother.  And I didn’t post it, just as I was told. Do you ever wonder what you look like from a Facebook perspective?  I mean, to... Read more »

Having a hospital bag ready AFTER you give birth is the real necessity

Having a hospital bag ready when you go to deliver your child is probably the best advice given to any expectant mother.  Don’t forget your toothbrush, your favorite robe and slippers, comfy clothes, reading material, etc., etc., etc.  This advice is sprawled all over parenting books, parenting magazines, parenting websites and is often the advice... Read more »

Parents: What did you want to be when you grew up?

I was recently told by a very close member of my family that 95% of my writing comes across as being negative.  That’s a staggering number considering how I write about being a parent with four kids.  Kind of hurt my feelings to be quite honest with you.  Like a lot.  I mean, I didn’t... Read more »

10 things my kids have said this past year that will influence my New Year’s Resolutions

Every year the hubby and I talk about what our New Year’s resolutions will consist of and this year has been no different.  Only, we don’t call them resolutions, we call them goals.  I guess we have it in both of our foolish little minds that the word “goals” means more to us than the word “resolutions”, and... Read more »

What if the question was “What do you NEED this Christmas?”

What if Christmas was about removing some of the stress out of another person’s life?  What if Christmas wasn’t about running to the nearest shopping mall to buy your loved ones gifts that they don’t necessarily need?  What if Christmas was about giving something to someone that you’d have a hard time wrapping and placing... Read more »

Being their parent isn't my only job, I have to be their example

“What did YOU want to be?” Sometimes your children are able to put everything in perspective without even trying or knowing what they’ve done.  Sometimes it’s the wake up call you didn’t realize you needed.  *** “Devo needs to try harder in class.  The work he hands in and his attention span is something that concerns... Read more »

Smoking weed, social media, and cutting: Confessions of a modern day 7th grader

“Devo, the pizza’s already sliced, so you can put that knife away.” As I start to make my way out of the kitchen, I hear Devo softly say: “I don’t understand how anybody can do this to themselves.” “Do what?” I ask, turning the corner heading into our dining room. “Cut themselves.” I stop and... Read more »

Comparing my child to another: How a sleepover awakened me

I didn’t want think about it, but watching the both of them interact with each other, I found it too easy to pinpoint the differences between the two.  In a way, I felt terrible for doing so.  I kept catching myself wondering why my daughter wasn’t more like her friend.  The way they both played... Read more »

I’m just thankful that my kids have something to be thankful for

Last night as I was walking to the train after work, a Feed the Children volunteer asked me if I liked kids.  Poor guy, having to stand outside harassing people who are doing their best to try and make it home and out of the bitter Chicago cold.  I humored him by replying with “I... Read more »

5 reasons why my children are worthy of an occasional middle finger

Like any parent, I have my moments when I start to feel a little defeated when it comes to raising my children.  I try to make the best of things whenever I can and strive to make my home a more calm and collected place where we can live harmoniously as a family with nothing... Read more »