Designer Highlight: W.O.W

Every now and then you come across a special talent whose hard work and skill combine the right ingredients for success. Whether its an aspiring artist, musician, writer or designer the formula remains the same. One can only hope in these instances, to have an eye for such talent before it is carried away on the road to fame and glory. Well, here's your chance, This Girl is on Fire!
 Tell me a little about yourself.
Ever since I was a lil girl I can remember telling everyone how I'm going to become a famous fashion designer one day and to watch me chase my dream. I have always wanted this since elementary school, I'd draw outfits and sketch things in my drawing book. I can remember back then a lot of people doubted me saying I would never do it, which of course gave me more motivation to chase my dream.  I would always tell everyone "I'm  a fighter who refuses to give up on my dream" and my best advise to anyone will always be "If you have a dream please don't stop dreaming because dreaming is the only thing you have in life that keeps you alive."
So where do you hail from?
I was born and raised in New Bedford, MA but was constantly going back and forth from MA and Colombia, South America.
What's your educational background?
I went to IADT in Orlando Florida got my BFA in Fashion Design & Merchandise. I completed my Sr year in Arturo Tejada Cano in Colombia. Which was one of the best learning experience i had in my college career.
So aside from the professional Geezella what do you like to do for fun?
Well, I have always loved the beach since I was younger, I spent alot of time there. I actually have a ritual on my Bday which is July 4th. I have to go to the beach and spend the entire day there. The beach is my home away from home, anytime I'm feeling stressed or in need of inspiration I lay out in the sand and just watch the waves, it's like I'm becoming one with the ocean. I know it sounds corny but I love the smell and the sound of the ocean it just relaxes me. I'm actually learning how to surf and its one of the most exhilarating feelings I've experienced, then there's i love dancing, music, and most outdoor activities.

When did you realize you wanted to become a swimsuit fashion designer? the funny thing is, I thought I wanted to become a couture designer which I still would like to do in the future but I had a project in school that had to do with swimwear and i got so much good feedback it just stuck with me! I was also tired of how certain swimsuits fit me, the way some start to droop on my bottom area not to mention  the materials some swimsuit designers choose to use. So I decided to change things.

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

I'm mostly inspired by different fabrics, I'm like a child going into a toy or candy store. I can spend hours in the fabrics store letting my mind  just drift a million miles away. I take pieces of fabrics and start visualizing designs in my head then the rest is history but another way I find inspiration is the outdoors, nature is really a big inspiration as well as  colors.

Who are some of your favorite designers (swimsuit & in general)?
For swimsuit designers I really like Luna de Mar which is a Colombian swimsuit designer. The line is very sophisticated and really elegant
but in general I love Oscar de la Renta! Don't get me wrong I have a long list of designers I love  but Oscar would have to be my top pick.

So What are some of your fashion goals?

One of my main fashion goals is to launch this line internationally and also to create my men swimwear line as well. I have be so fascinated with men wear since I was lil so its something I definitely want to accomplish in my career.

Well Superstar, where can my readers find out more about you and your work & where can they shop for your fabulous swimsuit line?
They can actually find me on Instagram ( Gigi_T_Swimwear ) or my website
What can we expect next from you? Anyone out there in the Entertainment world rockin your Line?
I do actually have some celebrities that are currently wearing GIGI T which is a big honor. I actually have Laura Govan from the LA Basketball Wives wearing my Electric Blue Rio swimsuit. and some other celebrities but for now it's a secret which will be revealed real soon on my website and featured in some magazines.
Very cool, well we look forward to big things from you and wish you the best of luckk!

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