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A Long Time Favorite

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to revisit my favorite recipe for Irish Soda Bread. Like all of the other Irish breads I’ve made, it’s leavened with baking soda and buttermilk rather than yeast. Yeast-raised breads typically require both kneading and time to rise. Soda breads, on the other hand, can... Read more »

Asian Wraps

A cold winter night is a good time to browse the cookbooks languishing on your book shelves, the ones that might provide an antidote for the long nights and freezing temperatures that define winter in the Midwest. Nothing, after all, warms a house better than a kitchen perfumed with the scent of bread baking in... Read more »

Two New and Interesting Cookbooks

I have one sibling, and he has Type 2 diabetes, as do severable of my cousins. Some of my closest  friends also have Type 2 diabetes, enough to make the menu for most  gatherings a challenge. My situation isn’t unusual. Rates for Americans suffering from diabetes are rising, and so are the number of Americans... Read more »

Forget the Latkes

Forget the latkes. Deep- six the jelly-filled doughnuts (soofganiyot). It’s Hanukkah, and I’m serving cheese. Jews were celebrating Hanukkah long before the first potato was shipped from the New World to the Old, probably in the first half of the sixteenth century. As it turns out, potatoes weren’t an overnight success. Only when famine threatened... Read more »

Blame the Ravioli

Maybe it was the roasted pear ravioli at Phil Stefani’s Tuscany restaurants that first grabbed my attention. The fruit was mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg and Parmigiano cheese for the filling and walnuts, cream, mascarpone and sun-dried tomatoes for the sauce. Or maybe it was a luscious Comice pear eaten when it was perfectly ripe. Whatever... Read more »

No Stress Turkey

Cooking the Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t have to be stressful. Back before I knew there was more than one way to cook a turkey, I pre-heated the oven to 325-degrees F., put a rack in my largest roasting pan, positioned the turkey on the rack, tented the turkey with foil, and then popped it-unstuffed- into the... Read more »

What I Did Last Summer

What I Did Last Summer Ask me what I did last summer, and I’ll ask if you want the short answer or the long answer with all of the grisly details? Actually, I’ll make the decision for you and take the shortest path possible. I spent the summer trying to get my computer(s) working- one... Read more »

Dining in a Hurry-Up World

The welcome mat is always out and the house made croissants are always fresh and flaky at Cupitol in downtown Evanston and Cupitol in Streeterville. Both neighborhoods are in growth mode, with residential housing options multiplying rapidly. And while neither area is suffering from a restaurant drought, owner Sellia Georges says Cupitol occupies a niche... Read more »

Disappear, Please!

I’ve learned to smile my way through dishes I’d rather not eat. But that doesn’t mean I can’t gripe about them. Seriously-isn’t that the whole point behind a lot of popular websites? Kale is at the top of my Disappear Please! list, followed by most of its close relatives. I know all about the cabbage... Read more »

Bites: Early Summer Edition

Saturday Night Special: Check out the three-course, Summer Saturday Supper ($55 per person) at The Bar & Table at CH Distillery (564 W. Randolph St. 312.707.8780). Of the five food and cocktail pairings available each week, guests can choose three. And Tuesdays-Thursdays from 5pm-7pm, the chef’s choice, happy hour special includes a signature cocktail paired... Read more »