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Intro Chicago: The Game Plan

Always in step with the present, Lettuce Entertain You plans for the future without abandoning the past. As a company, it’s constantly re-inventing itself, a characteristic that defines Intro Chicago, one of LEYE’s newest restaurants Intro Chicago’s basic game plan is simple. Every three months, the restaurant gets both a new executive chef and a... Read more »

M Burger Freebie

Nothing beats “free,” especially when it comes to good food. So if you like burgers- (and do you really trust anyone who doesn’t?) listen up. To celebrate M Burger’s fifth anniversary on Wednesday, March 18th, diners get a free burger-any burger- with any (they’re serious about the “any )purchase. Options include both the best selling... Read more »

Split Personalities

To succeed, a restaurant has to maximize its potential, especially in a crowded market where yesterday’s ground breaking format is today’s ho-hum. Beefed up bar menus, happy hour bargains, daily specials- they’re all attention grabbers. But given the perpetual emphasis on “new,” adding a second concept is probably the best guarantee of coverage, which-in turn-is... Read more »

The Road Less Taken

In a food scene dense with Italian, contemporary American, Asian, Mexican, South American, Spanish and French restaurants, Bohemian House and Table, Donkey and Stick have taken a less traveled route. As it turns out, the focus for both is the often overlooked cuisine of Central Europe. Ask executive chef Scott Manley about the food served... Read more »

Creative Coupling at Coppervine

First things first. Check out the décor at Coppervine before you sit down. Because once you’re seated, you’ll be too busy deciding what to order, what to drink, and how to share it to appreciate the creativity that went into making what is essentially a long- and rather narrow- room so attractive. Rather than spend... Read more »

Eating Globally: No Passport Required

Wondering where to go when one person wants Thai, another has their palate primed for Southern fried chicken, and a third is thinking foie gras? Grand Tour, a 160-seat restaurant in Ravenswood, has all that and more. Chef Roger Herring previously ran the show at Socca, a French/Italian restaurant in Lincoln Park. At Grand Tour,... Read more »

What Makes Gene and Georgetti Tick?

If one year is seven in dog years, then one year in restaurant years has to be even more, given the industry’s mortality rate. So when a restaurant celebrates its 73nd anniversary, as Gene and Georgetti is doing this year, it’s a sure sign it’s doing a lot of things right. For starters, there’s the... Read more »

Packing House

Packing House

A Foodie's Tour de France

A Foodie's  Tour de France
Regional French Cuisine Food was local and regional long before it went global. And even now, despite the internet and jet flights to virtually everywhere, there are regional dishes and culinary traditions unique to every part of the world. So it’s no surprise that French food in Paris isn’t the same as French food in... Read more »

Cookies & Carnitas

Cookies & Carnitas
Cookies & Carnitas Nobody doesn’t like cookies, especially when they’re as good as the ones Brad Newman and Mikey Taormina sell at Cookies & Carnitas, their new fast casual restaurant in Edgewater. The mood is laid back and the price point moderate, but the quality of the food has more in common with the city’s... Read more »