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Coffee and Ice Cream

Steeped Coffee In our hurry-up world, convenience is a major plus. So is quality. Steeped Coffee delivers both, along with the added plus of guilt-free packaging.  Developed by entrepreneur and coffee lover Josh Wilbur, the Steeped Coffee system begins with ethically sourced coffee that’s roasted in small batches. The freshly roasted coffee is then nitro-sealed... Read more »

Healthy Dining for Teens: Back to School Lunches

Healthy Dining for Teens: Back to School Lunches by Meredith Revsine As back to school season rolls around, it is important to continue eating healthy at lunch. Lunch serves as midday fuel, and a not so great lunch can leave you feeling drowsy the rest of the day. Here are some healthy lunch ideas as... Read more »

Healthy Eating for Teens: Dining Out

Healthy Dining for Teens: Dining Out by Meredith Revsine As a sixteen year old, grabbing lunch with friends is one of my favorite things to do. At home, my mom helps me to make healthy choices, but when I’m out with my friends, I often have a harder time deciphering the menu. Finding healthy options... Read more »

Why Is It So Hard To Keep The Weight Off?

In a front page article in the May 2 National Edition of “The New York Times,” reporter Gina Kolata talked about the results of a study done with contestants from Season 8 of NBC’s reality television show “The Biggest Loser.” Six years later, only one of the contestants has failed to gain much, or even... Read more »