Coffee and Ice Cream

Steeped Coffee

In our hurry-up world, convenience is a major plus. So is quality. Steeped Coffee delivers both, along with the added plus of guilt-free packaging. 

Developed by entrepreneur and coffee lover Josh Wilbur, the Steeped Coffee system begins with ethically sourced coffee that's roasted in small batches. The freshly roasted coffee is then nitro-sealed in a single serve, oxygen-free bag designed to keep the coffee fresh.

To fully develop the coffee’s flavor, a bag has to steep in a cup of boiling hot water for five minutes. Timing is essential. If you try to rush the process, you’ll wind up with a flavorless cup of brown water. Once the coffee is ready to drink, the environment-friendly bag  can be recycled.

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Light Ice Cream 

After a considerable amount of research, I can offer some advice vis a vis the light ice creams currently available. I admit to being an ice cream aficionado, someone who likes ice cream more than chocolate cake , apple pie or cheesecake. I don't like nuts in my ice cream, but I do like chocolate chips or chunks. And of all the "newish" flavors, I like Salted Caramel the best. Everyone has a different palate, and there's no right or wrong when it comes to taste.

First up are the pints. Some of the Halo Top flavors are better than others. I really liked the Salted Caramel, but I have to admit my enthusiasm waned after I discovered light ice cream bars, a format ( as far as I know) Halo Top has yet to tackle.

If you’re watching calories, carbs, sugars etc., it’s much easier to keep track when you’re eating a bar, as opposed to a dish. And in addition, a bar seems like a normal portion (nobody eats more than one Good Humor bar at a time), while a half or  two-thirds of a cup of ice cream looks more like a "taste" than a "portion," even in a very small bowl.

My favorite bars are from Enlightened. I’ve liked all the ones I’ve tried, but  at the rate of one bar per day, it takes time, and a considerable investment, to sample the entire line-up. 

The Yasso brand bars and pints are made with yogurt, as opposed to fat free milk. Given that I really like yogurt, the substitution certainly isn’t a problem. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the bars. Yasso’s bars have a tendency to fall apart if you lick them with the same vigor you do an ice cream cone. As a result, I advise eating them over a bowl, so you can capture the chunks as they fall off. FYI Yasso's Salted Caramel bar is the best I've tasted, but it almost always falls apart. I'm going to see if its available in pints. 

The pints that deliver the best flavor are the "Breyers delights." Both the Cookies & Cream and the Raspberry Fudge Swirl are good enough to make me give serious thought to eating the whole pint and calling it lunch...or maybe two pints and calling it dinner.


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