A Fleet of Food Trucks

In our hurry-up world, nothing is more “now” than food trucks, and nowhere are they more popular than in Austin, Texas, home to one of the country’s hottest food scenes.

Austin hot dog, fresh from the truck

Austin hot dog, fresh from the truck

With close family members living in the Austin area, I’m a frequent visitor, even in the summer when the temperature is routinely 100-degrees plus. My agenda is always packed, typically with at least one meal eaten at a new restaurant and another at one of my favorites, along with a stop at Central Market (check out the post on it) and a dinner or two at home to use what we’ve purchased. This time, the “new” restaurant was Sunday lunch at the inaugural installment of the monthly ATX Food Truck Festival.

By itself, a really good food truck can attract a sizable crowd. Think back to the years when the Good Humor trucks roamed residential areas, turning a hot summer evening into an impromptu block party.

A cluster of food trucks, on the other hand, is like an open-air food hall, a somehing-for-everyone experience that gives diners an opportunity to put together a meal that taps into a variety of cuisines.

To maximize the event’s potential, our group snagged some seats at a communal table and took turns waiting in the long lines. I like to think of wait time as an opportunity to meet, greet, and exchange information about the event and the local food scene. And given that this particular event was in Austin, there was a lot to talk about.

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