It's Fall, Think Apples

It’s Fall, Think Apples  Had Eve offered Adam a bland supermarket apple, he might not have been tempted. Picked too soon and stored too long, these apples bear little resemblance to either their tree- ripened cousins or the heirlooms grown by specialty producers. Apple growers define an heirloom-or antique- apple as a variety that was... Read more »

An Italian Import

When my daughter and I drove through Tuscany a few years back, I ate gelato on a daily basis. It was dense and delicious, and I tried as many flavors as I could. By the time we left, I was a  diehard gelato fan, and my affection has never waivered. So when  FRIO Gelato announced... Read more »

"Food & Drink Infographics"

“Food & Drink Infographics A Visual Guide to Culinary Pleasures” is stuffed with information, virtually all of it presented in graphic form. Organized by categories, rather than alphabetically, the format provides an easy to use treasure trove for anyone looking for information about a food related topic. Diversity is a strong point. There’s a graphic... Read more »
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Burning Mouth Syndrome

BMS I have BMS, and I’ve had it for years. BMS is something no foodie, let alone food writer, wants to acknowledge. But after years of suffering in silence, I’ve decided to go public. BMS is the acronym for Burning Mouth Syndrome. According to the pamphlet the doctor gave me, BMS is a condition characterized... Read more »


Kugel: A Yom Kippur Tradition Yom Kippur, the most solemn of all the Jewish holidays, begins at sundown tomorrow night and ends at sundown on Wednesday night. In between, Jews observe a complete fast, neither eating nor drinking. A dairy meal is frequently eaten to break the fast, and a sweet noodle kugel is often... Read more »

Madison's Edgewater Hotel

Ask me about the year my family lived in Madison,Wisconsin,and memories of the Saturday nights spent listening to music in the hotel’s piano bar are at the top of list. The music, a glass of wine, and the knock-out views of Lake Mendota were as important as the conversation. Years later, when my daughter was... Read more »

Thursdays at Yoshi's Cafe

Yoshi’s Cafe Yoshi’s Cafe offers a three-course prix-fixe on Thursday nights for $26.95. Given the quality of the food, the service, and the ambiance, it’s a bargain. Diners who know the restaurant’s history aren’t surprised. When it opened in 1982, Yoshi’s Cafe was an elegant, fifty-seat restaurant serving some of the best food in the... Read more »

What I Did Last Summer

What I Did Last Summer Ask me what I did last summer, and I’ll ask if you want the short answer or the long answer with all of the grisly details? Actually, I’ll make the decision for you and take the shortest path possible. I spent the summer trying to get my computer(s) working- one... Read more »

The New Dog in Town

Chicago’s a hot dog town, and the dog of choice has long been the all- beef hot dog made by the Vienna Sausage Company. Like the fabled princess who could feel a wizened pea through a veritable mountain of mattresses, devotees argue that they can “out” a competitor with a single bite. I’m not going... Read more »

Healthy Dining for Teens: Back to School Lunches

Healthy Dining for Teens: Back to School Lunches by Meredith Revsine As back to school season rolls around, it is important to continue eating healthy at lunch. Lunch serves as midday fuel, and a not so great lunch can leave you feeling drowsy the rest of the day. Here are some healthy lunch ideas as... Read more »