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Tsunami Damages Ironman Course in Hawaii.

Triathlete Magazine photographer Joel Noa was in Kona during the Tsunami and was able to capture some amazing images of the damage to the usual calm waters of Kailua-Kona, home of the Ironman World Championships and the swim start of the race. We put together a before and after image gallery of the course in... Read more »

Vote for Your Favorite Triathlete Swimsuit Model and Ashley Bond!

Time is running out to choose your favorite triathlete in the Triathlete Magazine Swimsuit Model Search.  Check out this months gallery and then vote for your favorite, the winner could  end up in the pages of Triathlete Magazine, in their swimsuit edition. There are only three months left to qualify! Monthly winners will face off... Read more »

Triathlete Magazine Swimsuit Issue.

If you need a reason to get involved in triathlon, let the image gallery below be your motivation. Every year Triathlete Magazine produces a swim suit issue, using a combination of real people and models, the two things they all have in common is they are all actually triathletes and they are all in amazing... Read more »

Holy Crap, I am a Tattoo!!!! How Cool is this!

It happened!!! I feel like a proud Blogger Daddy!!! About three years ago, I wrote an article for Triathlete Magazine entitled, I Have The Wrong Tattoo.  From this article several things happened, people went nuts over the topic, a guy named Charlie Yu managed to make everyone mad and the international triathlon community tdottriathlon was... Read more »

More from the Chicago Triathlon Expo.

Once you get past the lines and the check in process, the Chicago Triathlon Expo. is like a great big party.  Half the fun of the expo. is checking out the cool toys, technology, clothes old friends and occasional Olympian.  Here are some more shots of our friends sharing the love and Backing The... Read more »

Ready, Set , Go!

Welcome to The Pace Of Chicago, an Endurance Blog.  If you are lost and looking for the Pace bus schedule, click here. My name is David Wallach, I will be your cruise director through all of this. My goal for this blog is a small one, to make it the ultimate resource for endurance athletes... Read more »