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Wear Red Day- Today!

February is National Heart Month and Friday is Wear Red Day to help raise awareness of heart disease in women. All across the country, people will be wearing red to show their support for Go Red For Women and you can to. This tiny little gesture sends a message of support to your mothers, daughters,... Read more »

Dave and Dan- The Countdown Begins

If you click here, you can find out about Dan Malinski or Cubicle Dad and his efforts to finish the Chicago Marathon this year.  Dan read the story of my adventures in the Chicago Marathon and asked me for help. Dan was over 300 pounds, has a history of heart disease in his family and... Read more »

A Gun To My Head

A little over a year ago, I was in Argentina, in a room, with the countries most notorious bank burglar waiving a gun at my head claiming that “he was going to splatter my brains all over the wall,” at least that’s what the translator was saying. I got the point that he was mad,... Read more »

Turkey Trots Everywhere. Grab Your Favorite Turkey and Run.

Before you dig in on Thursday, why not get in a little workout?  There’s plenty of opportunity to burn a few calories, here are just a few of the Turkey Trots happening in and around the Chicago area. Fleet Feet Sports 32nd Annual Turkey Trot 8K- takes place on Thanksgiving morning in Lincoln Park. The... Read more »