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Free Stuff Tuesday! Together We Tri Indoor Triathlon.

Congratulations to Dave and Steve you are both going to the grand opening weekend (this weekend) party at Ray’s Mountain Bike Park in Milwaukee!  Besides being one of the first to check out Ray’s, you will be rubbing elbows with some of the best pro’s in the world. Friday, Ray’s is officially open for business,... Read more »

Free Stuff Wednesday- 2 Free Passes to Ray's Mountain Bike Park

Wisconsin is starting to scare me, it is becoming cool.  The Ironman, Bong Time Trial, Racine 70.3, Big Foot Triathlon, Miller Ride for the Arts, Pleasant Prairie Triathlon and now it has a Ray’s Mountain Bike Park! Wha! Not familiar with Ray’s? Now is your chance, because only a short 70 miles away is one... Read more »