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An Inside Look at The Chicago Flyover!

You don’t have to wait until 2012 to see the proposed Lake Shore Flyover, that will make the path better looking and more importantly safer for people using the it, we have a look into the future for you today.  3-D renderings, ariel images, construction designs, types of flowers, head clearance and more!  Our image... Read more »

Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field 10 Mile- Race Review.

Michelle on the air with ABC 7 before the race.
It has been a while since I ran in the Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field 10 Mile run. As a matter of fact, if memory serves correctly, I ran in the first one and up until Saturday haven’t participated in the event since. Saturday served a lot of purposes for me. First, I added 10... Read more »

Out In The First Round- Chicago's Out, But Not Down.

I am parent, I love my children no matter what.  Like all of us, they have their little imperfections, to me that’s what makes them unique, special. I am a Chicagoan, I love this city, imperfections and all.  Apparently, the IOC, didn’t see it that way, that doesn’t take away from what a great city... Read more »