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Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead
I Was Dead. About two weeks ago, I died.  Not in the figurative sense, in the literal sense. I was dead.  Due to an adverse reaction to a medicine, I died on a table in a sub-basement of a local hospital. I wasn’t dead for long. The doctors and nurses who were with me, were... Read more »

Free Stuff Tuesday- Spinervals DVD's From Coach Troy!

If you are training on your bike indoors, then you know what true boredom can feel like.  Movies, music, groups can all help temper that boredom, but eventually it creeps back in, you are on a bike inside, in the same place. Coach Troy Jacobson is the creator of the Spinervals series of DVD’s that... Read more »

How to Pick A Treadmill.

About a month ago, I reached out to several treadmill companies, including Life Fitness, Fitness Blow Out,  NordicTrack and a bunch of others, trying to get information for this story.   Though they were very eager to offer up their help and advice, they all blew me off.  So, I have nothing to offer up as... Read more »