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Movement U is Coming to Chicago.

Movement U is Coming to Chicago.
Finally!  Movement U has been selling out around the country for years, coached and hosted by world class triathlete Jessi Stensland, this is one event you don’t want to miss. What is Movement U?  It’s a full-day interactive, educational experience that offers immediate actionable strategies for those who want to swim, bike and run faster... Read more »

Big Foot Triathlon Sets A New Standard.

RAM (Running Away Multisport) events have always been known to have great goodie bags, fun events and big purses.  Though they are not new to triathlon, they are making their mark in the triathlon space using the upcoming Big Foot Triathlon as the launching pad. The June 26th event is one of the only races... Read more »

Are You A Fitness, Mom Blogger. Check This Out!!!

Childbirth can be tough on the body, the extra weight, exhaustion, some of the physical changes that take its toll can be devastating on your physical condition if you are not careful.  That’s just for the dads!!! Seriously, it’s a tough road for women to bounce back from babies and the tremendous life change that... Read more »

Back From The Dead- Part 2.

Kona qualifiers, Cubicle Dad and me all have this amazing woman to thank for leading us on our journey to the finish line.
A week ago, I shared the story of my journey into the great beyond and back.  How over training and not listening to my body, killed me. I received a great deal of well wishes and a few slaps in the face. I thank you all. Now, it is day #1.  I am cleared to... Read more »

Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead
I Was Dead. About two weeks ago, I died.  Not in the figurative sense, in the literal sense. I was dead.  Due to an adverse reaction to a medicine, I died on a table in a sub-basement of a local hospital. I wasn’t dead for long. The doctors and nurses who were with me, were... Read more »

The Snow Day Workout! Exercises To Do When You Are Snowed In.

Happy Groundhogs Day!  If it feels like we’ve been in this position over and over again, don’t blame it on Bill Murray or Punxsutawney Phil, it’s just a part of being a Chicagoian, being snowed in, stuck, blizzard bound.  FYI- Punxsutawney Phil, did not see his shadow, which means an early Spring!  Take that Snowtorious... Read more »

Running With Dan- the 2010 Chicago Marathon.

A year ago, I received an e-mail from a complete stranger asking me to help him train for and finish the 2010 Chicago Marathon.  It was the honesty and truth of this letter, that not only caught my attention, but took me on a year long journey that changed my life.  “Help save my life,”... Read more »

Athletes of The Month-October.

Cubicle Dad & Coach Jennifer Harrison The Chicago Marathon is hours away (as of Friday 10/8/10), despite everything Daniel Cubicle Dad Malinski has done to get himself ready for his journey through Chicago, he is not our Athlete of the Month. That title belongs to two amazing women, Coach Jennifer Harrison and Nutritionist Beth Shutt,... Read more »

How to Avoid Panic In The Water.

The Lifetime Chicago Triathlon is less than two weeks away.  All over the Midwest athletes are getting ready for the big race on the big lake.  For many this is their first triathlon and for others, it’s a yearly event.  There are plenty of people in a complete panic about the swim portion of the... Read more »

Marathon Q&A.

I’m am not a coach, by any means.  However I am fortunate enough to have access to some of the best minds in endurance sposts.  So when people send in questions, I seek out their answers from the people who know best. One such question came from a Chicagonow Radio producer who is new to... Read more »