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Race Day U.S.A- It's Here!

It’s here!  Race day. Not just any race day, but the mac daddy race day that amped up athletes have been waiting for all year. Let’s Do This! Sunday, September 12th is Race Day USA!  In Sandusky, Ohio, the Rev3 triathlon is taking over Cedar Point and Lake Erie.  Along Sheridan Road, The North Shore... Read more »

Positively Positive

Last week, I got a call from the folks at Ironman, confirming a slot for me to race at the Steelhead 70.3 1/2 Ironman on July 31st.  I was excited for the opportunity to participate in this great event, I did the very first one and it has been several years since I have been... Read more »

The Revolution Starts Now!

It’s funny, when you talk to Heather Gollnick, she seems so calm, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening this week, just another day. An ordinary human might be freaking out over the fact that this week marks the beginning of her new race series Revolution 3, in Knoxville, Tennessee, with a $50,000... Read more »

Your First Marathon 101

Here are a few things you need to think about before you go 26.2- Think of it as Marathon 101. Gather round children. Dan, Phil, Connie and the rest of you newbie marathon runners, because it’s time for uncle Dave to share the story of Phidippides and the very first marathon. A long time ago... Read more »

Do As I Say...

It’s Tuesday morning (2-2-10) I am sitting in the office of Eric L. Chehab in Wilmette, filling out my paper work before our appointment.   My new knee brace. If the other patients in the waiting room were to try and guess what I was in the Dr. Complex for, I think they would lean... Read more »

What makes a coach a "coach?"

After I finished the Ironman,  I was gathering up all of my stuff from the transition area, and a man approached me and asked me my time.  When I told him, he handed me a business card, and told me “ I can make you faster.” My response was “duh!  After schlepping my body around the... Read more »

"Biggest Loser" Star Joining Rev3 in 2010!

At almost 300 pounds, Tara Costa would have never dreamed of competing in a triathlon of any distance.  That was before Costa auditioned and made it on the NBC show The Biggest Loser in September 2008. Since that time Costa has lost over 155 pounds and is ready to take on the challenge of the Revolution... Read more »

Revloution 3 Triathlon Series Open For Business!

Part of endurance sports is learning a little from each experience.  Every race, training  ride, run, there is information we use as athletes to learn from and improve. Heather Gollnick is doing just that, taking an old idea and bringing it to the next level.  The 5 time Ironman winner, along with her husband Todd... Read more »