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Free Triathlon Race Entry and Clif Products- Free Stuff Wednesday!

Congratulations to Eric G. you are the winner of the Runners High n’ Tri $100 gift certificate!  There is still time to check out all the great gift ideas at Runners High n’ Tri, from shoes to wet suite, they have something for every budget. We have a few more days to go before “the... Read more »

$100 Gift Certificate from! Free Stuff Monday!

As we get closer to the big day, we are going to be giving away more and more stuff, so make sure to check back every day to The Pace of Chicago and leave a comment  because you could be our next winner, like Kirsten, the winner of our Fleet Feet Sports Ultimate Running Experience. ... Read more »

The Pace of Chicago Bike Jersey- Free Stuff Thursday.

The holiday season is here and we are going to be spreading the holiday cheer with free gifts for you, reviews and gift ideas for your favorite endurance athlete. Last year we gave away The Ultimate Endurance Gift Bag, stuffed with tons of endurance goodies, which was great, but there was only one winner, which... Read more »

Stats Junkies, The Following Is For You.

Where does your gear rank at the Ironman World Championships? Believe it or not, every year at the Ironman World Championships, groups of people take the time to count each and every piece of equipment to see how the different brands stack up against each other. Below is the complete list of everything they counted... Read more »

The Gift Of Time.

A few years back I surveyed a bunch of athletes about the one thing they would truly love to have for the holidays, and the majority of them answered the same way, “more time.“ In this economy time is at a premium for all of us. Balancing work with family, life and sport isn’t easy... Read more »

I've got wood.

Or more to the point, I want wood.  Bike that is.  Renovo Hardwood Bikes have to be the coolest looking bikes on the market, reason being, they’re made completely of wood.  They look like a traveling work of art, but are meant for riding. If you plan on buying one and hanging it up on... Read more »

Blueseventy Adds More Goodies to Gift Bag Giveaway.

The Ultimate Endurance Gift Bag Keeps Getting Bigger!    I think by the time this is all said and done, this will be the Ultimate Endurance Gift Truck Load of Awesome Stuff! Blueseventy has offered up the next round of goodies to go into the bag.  3 pairs of goggles (Siren goggle and Hydra vision... Read more »

What About BOB?

If you have a baby, you’re having a baby or know someone expecting a baby, then introduce them to BOB.   BOB isn’t a nanny or a trainer, but a running stroller that looks great, is light weight, safe and can take a beating.   There is a single or a duallie version (two kids),... Read more »

Great Gifts For Endurance Athletes!

If you have an endurance athlete in your family or you are looking for something special for yourself, then make sure to check out The Pace of Chicago every day.   Starting today, we are going to be featuring great gift ideas for the endurance athlete.  Men, women, swim, bike, run, kayak, climb, every we... Read more »