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I'm not good at anything.

I was invited to play golf on Saturday with some old fraternity brothers in Lake Geneva.  After a week of intense training, I thought a little golf and bonding with old friends could be just the ticket to sooth my aching hamstrings. After a few holes, it became very clear that I was the worst... Read more »

Free Recovery Lunch On Tuesday.

You raced, you worked hard, now treat yourself to something yummy!

The Chicago Triathlon Is Officially Open For Business

First Athletes In Line Ready… Be Nice To The Volunteers, they are…volunteering. Set Go. Outside the doors nervous athletes lined up eager to get their race packets. Local Hero Melissa Stockwell Inside the doors, sponsors and volunteers hurried and scurried to get all the last minute details together. Girl Power! New Triathlete Shows Her Chicagonow... Read more »

Hello!!! Is anybody out there?

When I took this job, the immediate feedback that I got from friends in the endurance community, was “finally, all of the major media outlets in town have sucked at covering endurance sports.”   In defense I understand our place in the pecking order of things, endurance sports aren’t sexy, don’t bring in big crowds... Read more »

Hero Marches on in The Chicago Triathlon

As we head into race week for the Chicago Triathlon, make sure to check back here for tips, race information and other useful news.  During the week we are going to be sharing stories about some of the athletes who will be racing along side you as you all march to the finish line in... Read more »

Greg Bennett Bows Out of Chicago Triathlon

Greg Bennett won’t be racing in the world’s largest triathlon on Sunday,Aug. 30. According to Chicago Triathlon’s Jan Caille, race owner andorganizer, “We all wish Greg a speedy recovery; unfortunately he will not be ableto race Chicago this year – recovery from his unfortunate bike accidentis going a little slower than anticipated.” said Jan. As... Read more »