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Coach of the Month- August- Roadies Get Ready!!!! Week 2

Crunch Week – Final preparations before a seasonal goal race. The month of August brings the biggest criterium to the suburbs of Chicago. Cyclists and fans converge on Downers Grove, Illinois for the USPro Criterium Championships and a weekend of high speed cycling. One of my athletes looks forward to this race every year. In... Read more »

Coach of the Month- August

The month is winding down and we want to thank Coach Ryan and his team at Break Through Multisport for their great workouts.  If you are interested in personalized coaching from Ryan or any of his staff, click here. Tomorrow we start a new month and a new Coach.  Roadies get ready to rock, because... Read more »

Break Through Multisport - Coach of the month for July- Week #3

By Coach Ryan Riell For this week, as the CARA groups are hitting full speed in preparation for the Chicago Marathon, lets change gears and talk about training for a marathon. Over the past year, we have worked with quite a few runners, competing at distances from a 5k up to a marathon, all of... Read more »

Break Through Multisport - Coach of the month for July- Week #2

Last week, we provided some really solid workouts for you to incorporate into your training as it already exists. This week, we are going to add a single workout that is modified for you based off the distance of your A-race, in addition to some nutritional advice for triathletes, cyclists and runners alike. It has... Read more »

Break Through Multisport - Coach of the month for July

Ryan Riell is the President and Head Coach of Break Through Multisport Inc., an international triathlon and endurance sports coaching company based here in Chicago. “There are too many different triathlons that local athletes are training for, ranging from sprint and Olympic distance triathlon at the Chicago Triathlon, to half ironman distance events such as... Read more »

Coach of the Month

Finding the right coach is like trying to find the right bike, you have to be happy with your decision and make sure it works right for you. The wrong decision can be costly and leave you frustrated and further behind in your training. There are a lot of great coaches in the area with... Read more »