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The 173 Mile Race Week!

What do Elvis Presley, A Peanut Butter Gun, Steelhead fish and Schaumburg have in common?  No not things you can find at IKEA!  The last month of my life! “Why are you dong this?” That’s the question I get asked by a lot of people when they hear my race schedule.  “To raise money for... Read more »

Tips for a Better Cycling Experience

Earlier this week Governor Quinn passed a law that basically states, begining Jan. 1st, there will be stricter penalties for drivers who get too close to, or intimidate, cyclists.  If they are “caught” doing this motorists could face a year in prison and be fined $2,500.  Car on bike bike violence is never acceptable or a fair... Read more »

Are You A Bicycle God?

Are You A Bicycle God?
Lance Armstrong is not, Craig Alexander is not, Floyd Landis would say he is, but that too would be a lie. You can be, if you have what it takes.   Bicycle God is the brain child of Rob Layton, the race director for Bicycle Illinois. For those who are tough enough to endure this... Read more »