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Could Wind Keep Chicago From Hosting The Olympics?

Chicago’s Wind Weighs Down Olympic Bid By Amy Freeze, WFLD Chicago – A little wind is what you expect during late summer on Chicago’s lake front. But when it comes to outdoor Olympic sports, Chicago wind may be too much of a good thing. The new International Olympic Committee report says Chicago’s weather is a... Read more »

Thank you Oprah.

I think it’s a great idea that Oprah shuts down one of the busiest parts of Chicago for 48 hours.   With the Olympic Committee about ready to make its decision on the 2016 Games, what better way to showcase the priorities of our city than on Oprah’s show.  Yep at a time when Todd... Read more »

Chicago Shoreline Marathon- Race Review.

Despite 3 foot waves and some pretty intense wind, the Chicago Shoreline Marathon kicked off on Saturday, with athletes competing from 9 different states and 3 continents, the results were a great day of racing with world class athletes.  The Chicago Shoreline Marathon was yet another feather in the Olympic cap of Chicago, proving that... Read more »

5 Questions With Olympian Hunter Kemper

Olympic Triathlete Hunter Kemper was at the Chicago at the Triathlon Expo. despite the fact that he is working through a nagging back injury, he is in town to support his fellow athletes. Hunter Kemper “Backs The Bid!” 1. Do you “Back The Bid?”Hunter- Absolutely!  It’s been too long since we have had a Summer... Read more »