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Thick Fog Can't Slow Down Bike The Drive

The last time Lake Shore Drive was shut down, it was filled with several feet of snow and hundreds of cars stranded.  Sunday morning was a completely different story.,Road bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, bikes with training wheels, hand cranks and one unicycle all took over Lake Shore Drive for the... Read more »

It's Time.

Imagine James Earl Jones voice reading this to you, while drums build to a crescendo in the background. Sunday, April 10th 2011.  This is the day, we have been waiting for.  Through the long Winter, we ran on treadmills, rode on trainers, swam in pools, looking out through frosty windows, wondering “when is Spring going... Read more »

Don't Miss The Chicago Winter Bike Swap!

If you own a bike is to know the longing for something to add to your ride: components, a new saddle, pedals, bar tape, water bottle holders, components, maybe even a new bike all together! If you are looking for any of the above and much more, then mark your calendars and head out to... Read more »

TAG You're It

We have this doo dad on our blogger sites that tracks all of the “tags” we have used in our various stories.  While re-furberizing our 1 year old son, I stumbled across this part of our site. It’s pretty cool the amount of things we have covered since May, if you missed anything, let’s catch... Read more »

Crank The Earth, Cranks Up Our Gift Bag.

This is a gift for the gift bag that is almost too cool to give away. If you want to give a gift to the athlete who has everything, then check out Crank The Earth bike jerseys. These jerseys are custom works of art that are designed by everyday people, submitted into a contest and... Read more »

I've got wood.

Or more to the point, I want wood.  Bike that is.  Renovo Hardwood Bikes have to be the coolest looking bikes on the market, reason being, they’re made completely of wood.  They look like a traveling work of art, but are meant for riding. If you plan on buying one and hanging it up on... Read more »

Out In The First Round- Chicago's Out, But Not Down.

I am parent, I love my children no matter what.  Like all of us, they have their little imperfections, to me that’s what makes them unique, special. I am a Chicagoan, I love this city, imperfections and all.  Apparently, the IOC, didn’t see it that way, that doesn’t take away from what a great city... Read more »

Today coud be a good day for Moji- A Product Review.

I’m sure when  the first caveman discovered fire and he shared it with his neighbors, it didn’t take a lot to convince them it was a god idea.  Hot Brontosaurus burgers, yummy! Flash forward a few million years and Moji has made the same impact on  the athletic world, instant and amazing.  After a weekend... Read more »

Finally a good rap video about cycling!

Kanye eat your heart out.

Coach of the Month- August

The month is winding down and we want to thank Coach Ryan and his team at Break Through Multisport for their great workouts.  If you are interested in personalized coaching from Ryan or any of his staff, click here. Tomorrow we start a new month and a new Coach.  Roadies get ready to rock, because... Read more »