Only 79 more days until the 2014 Shamrock Shuffle

Only 79 more days until the 2014 Shamrock Shuffle

It’s January 10th and it has already been a hard year!  Record snow, record cold, record amount of people posting boiling water turning into snow on Facebook, it’s enough to make the most positive person (Lauren Erbach from Team Challenge) into a pessimist.

Here’s something to keep you warm and get you motivated.  Registration for the 2014 Shamrock Shuffle is open!  That’s right, the unofficial beginning of Spring in Chicago is only 79 days or 2 months 21 days, 11 weeks 3 days, 56 weekdays or .22 of a year(thank you Siri) until March 30th and the 35th running of the Shamrock Shuffle.

Entry fee is $45 and they will cap this years race at 40,000, which may seem like a lot, but will sell out quickly.

There might be a million inches of snow on the ground and it’s so cold the polar bears at the zoo are wearing fur, but that will be over soon, Spring will be back and the Shamrock Shuffle will shake off the snow with the thunder of 40,000 runners.

Click here to find out more information or register for the 2014 Shamrock Shuffle.

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