Divvy Bikes Suspends Service Because of Weather

Divvy Bikes Suspends Service Because of Weather

During the “storm of the year,” Super Coach Mike Norman from Chicago Endurance Sports posted on his Facebook page that he couldn’t resist taking his bike out and going for a ride in the snow.  If you know Mike, then you know he was having a good time.

For the rest of the world, the thought of riding a bike in a snow storm or arctic temperatures, which includes Divvy bike users.

Divvy officials shut down the program on Thursday due to the massive amount of snow.  With temperatures dropping to the negatives this week, officials haven’t announced when the program would re-open.

“Due to the weather, we will temporarily close Divvy…to protect the safety of our members and staff,” Divvy officials said in a press release. “No bikes can be rented after the temporary closure has begun, though any bikes in use at the time can be returned to any Divvy station with an available dock.”

Divvy fully intended to operate all Winter long when they started operating in Chicago, but these types of conditions are dangerous for the average commuter trying to get to work or Starbucks, the move shows heads up thinking on behalf of the company: safety before profits.

Divvy bike renters took nearly 45,000 trips in December. “And we’re looking forward to serving many more this winter,” said Divvy officials.

For questions about whether the system is open or closed, riders can call 1-855-55-DIVVY or check for the latest updates on the Divvy website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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