It's Time to Run The 2013 Chicago Marathon

It's Time to Run The 2013 Chicago Marathon

The wait is over.  It's time to run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. 

Those are the words anxious runners have been dreaming about for a long time.  No more training, no more early mornings, no more thinking about what will be?

It's time to run.

Your day is here and the marathon is a celebration of all that you have done to get to that starting line in Grant Park.  Make sure to enjoy it, you deserve it.

If this is your first marathon, your tenth or your last, you are about to become a part of an ancient tradition rooted in sacrifice and honor.

It doesn't matter if you finish first or last, when you cross that finish line, nobody will ever be able to take that accomplishment away from you.  You are part of a special club, that knows what it's like to look at a line in the sand 26.2 miles away and say "bring it on!"

Sunday you will be running with 45 thousand other runners and millions of other people cheering you on.  You are part of something amazing, something huge, yet something intimate and special to each and every runner.  You run for a variety of reasons.  When you start to hurt, when the doubt creeps in, remember that reason, that person, that cause, that goal and keep going.

You know that a Fartlick is more painful than funny sounding.
You have trained.
You have worked.
You have been up early.
You have felt intense pain and turned your back on it.
You are ready.

You can do this.

Sunday is your day.  Your time to shine, to throw your arms up in the air and scream at the top of your lungs, "yes, I did it!!"  Sunday night when you rest your head on your pillow you will be able to say, "I am a marathon runner!"

Never forget that "forward is a pace," and anything is possible if you believe in yourself.  Anything.

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Thank you for your sacrifice, for the millions of dollars you have raised for charity, for being a part of a community of amazing athletes, for once again proving that Chicago is the greatest city in the world.

Chicago, the 2013 Chicago Marathon is here.

It's time to run.

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