Gear up for the Chicago Marathon with great sunglasses

Gear up for the Chicago Marathon with great sunglasses

You see them everywhere, heck I used to be one of “them,” from the transition area to little league soccer, “they” are everywhere.

Who are “they?”  The people who wear their racing glasses as every day glasses in public.  At a marathon, century ride or triathlon racing glasses look “cool” and protect your eyes from sun, debris, spit etc.  Amongst non-racing folk, they normally look a little silly.

The Maui Jim Switchbacks are the solution to having a great pair of racing glasses and something to wear in public without looking silly.  Beyond looks, the Switchbacks are a technical piece of equipment that will protect your eyes and keep you racing in any weather condition.

The Switchbacks have a quick-release lens mechanism and five options for lens colors. By pressing a button at the top of the frame, the one-piece lens is released from its hold and can be easily swapped for a lens of a different color. The replacement lens then snaps into the frame with the push of a button that securely locks the lens into place.  Rain, bright sun and everything in-between, the Switchbacks act as five different pairs of glasses in one.

They are comfortable, tough and practical.  I am a big sweater, when I get into a workout I can fog up a pair of glasses in no time.  I took the Switchbacks out with me in the heat of the Summer on several workouts and not only did they not fog up, but they stayed in place.  The oversized rubber temple grips offer great hold and stability. A benefit of this frame is its adjustable Rabalon nose bridge for a custom-feel fit.   Once they are on, they stay on, no bobbling and slipping.

If you are gearing up for the Chicago Marathon or looking to make some changes for next year, the Maui Jim Switchbacks are a solid, good looking piece of performance gear you can take with you anywhere.

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