Chicago Marathon Parking Made Easy

Chicago Marathon Parking Made Easy

It’s marathon morning you are up and ready.  As you drive into the city your mind is focused on making it the best day possible without anything going wrong.  Today you are unstoppable, that is of course after you find a place to put your car.

One of the hardest parts of marathon morning is finding a spot to park amongst the tens of thousands of other runners doing the exact same thing.  Not only can it be hard and time consuming, it can be expensive.

Park Whiz has taken the worry out of parking by giving runners and spectators the opportunity to reserve a spot before hand, so on race day all you have to do it drive to the garage you pick and directly to your spot, pre-paid and easy.  Chicago Marathon parking made easy, quick and affordable.

Park Whiz works with all of the garages in the area to make sure you have a spot and at a discounted rate.  It’s not just for the marathon; they have spots for all kinds of events, concerts, plays, the Chicagonow Softball Team games(someday),  even an app. You can download and use while you are on the way to an event.

I am the guy who drives directly for the Millenium Park parking garage, because I don’t know anything different.  If you look at the Park Whiz map of options for parking, there are dozens of places to put your car on race day starting at $10, pre-paid(the map above details all of the places to park).

Between runners, spectators, volunteers, bloggers and other people connected with the marathon, the city is expecting 1.7 million people to converge on Chicago this year, that’s a lot of people and a lot of cars.

Take the worry and hassle out of race day parking and click here to check out Park Whiz.

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