Registration still open for the inaugural North Shore Triathlon

Registration still open for the inaugural North Shore Triathlon

A Chicago area triathlon.  It’s become an urban legend, sort of like year round schooling and tasty vegan cookies.

There is that big triathlon, but other than that the opportunity to race close to Chicago is very hit and miss: Harbor Lights was in Waukegan, but that only lasted a few years.  RAM tried it, but made the city mad and that went away.  Wauconda is as close as it gets, until now.

The inaugural North Shore Triathlon kicks off on Sunday, September 15th in Wilmette at Gilson Beach.  If you are a local triathlete, then chances are you have trained at Gilson, it’s a great beach and the area is prime for racing.

What makes this race even more attractive is it’s being organized by triathletes, not a multimillion dollar conglomerate from out of state.  The North Shore Triathlon is the baby of the trainers and coaches at Precision Multisport in Evanston, a group who has been working with athletes to reach their goals for years.

On My Soap Box for a Minute- Any chance to support a local member of our community in an endeavor like this, is good for them and the entire Chicago endurance community.  Off Soap Box.

Is it going to be fancy with a 30 foot chocolate fountain? Nope.  Will there be 8000 athletes beating the hell out of each other in the water? Nope.  What it will be is a 400 meter swim, a 20k bike and a 5k run, otherwise known as a triathlon and hopefully the beginning of a new tradition in the Chicago area that will last for many years to come.

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For a lot of triathletes the season ends this weekend with the Meat Grinder in the City.  Let’s change that and support a new race with the ability to give us one more day to do what we love, race.


Click here to learn more and register.


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