The Run Project Wants to Know "Why Do You Run?"

The Run Project Wants to Know "Why Do You Run?"

31-year-old Jon Rankin has accomplished a great deal in his young life. An Olympian and professional distance runner, Rankin has battled FSGS a terminal kidney disease, which has made him even more determined to use his gifts to help others.

Rankin’s goals are many—to continue to support the National Kidney Foundation, to make the 2016 Olympic Team and to grow The Run Project.

The Run Project asks runners one simple question: “Why Do You Run?” You can go to their web site, upload your answer in video form of 60 seconds or less and share your story with other runners.

It’s the simple belief that runners and their amazing stories can inspire great change in this world. That your answer to “Why Do You Run?” will inspire someone else to not only run, but to help others through running.

You are improving your life, but also the lives of others and so on. It’s simple and magnificent all at the same time.

So, “Why Do You Run?” Click here to share your story with The Run Project and learn how you can help them spread their word and grow their mission.

In the future, you will be able to set up a charitable page, register for races and even talk to other runners around the world, all at the Run Project.

Rankin and his team need your help. They are using their own money to fund the growth of the Run Project. You may not know this, but distance runners training for the 2016 Olympics have huge hearts, but small budgets.

The Run Project sent their Director of Video Production, Wendy Shulik, to visit me in the hospital as I recovered from my most invasive surgery to date. This surgery on my spine is hopefully the turning point to health. Wendy captured my story and “Why I Run” in such a beautiful way, I am humbled by what she put together.

My spine is re-built, my goal simple: to run. I will do it again, 5k, 10k 26.2. The first step is believing you can.

Click here to learn more about The Run Project and check out “Why I Run,” below.

The Run Project: David Wallach from WendyCity Productions on Vimeo.

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