The Most Comfortable 112 Mile Ride You'll Ever Take.

The Most Comfortable 112 Mile Ride You'll Ever Take.

Face it, if you are riding your bike over 100 miles, there is a certain amount of discomfort that goes along with a ride that distance.  There’s no way around it.

Vision Quest Coaching Services can’t do anything for discomfort, but they do know how to make the most out of the situation and make you as comfortable as possible.

Let me explain.

Riding long distances requires more than hopping on your bike.  You need maps, nutrition, liquids, clothes for different types of weather, extra tubes, first aid and more.  It can weigh down your bike and make you very uncomfortable.  Heaven forbid you forget something and you are in the middle of nowhere, you could be in trouble.

VQ is owned and run by former pro cyclist Robbie Ventura.  Robbie knows how to “do things right” for his clients on their long rides, by giving them the support that normally only comes with riding at the pro level.   Now you get a chance to feel like a pro and ride with VQ in Madison, WI.

Vision Quest Coaching Services is hosting a  series of rides on the Ironman Wisconsin course. Between the months of May and August, they will be doing the course four times, with a specific goal for each ride. For those doing IM Wisconsin, this is a great time to preview the course and learn its unique geography.

If you are not planning on IM Wisconsin or you are a cyclist, join us for some solid mileage with great hills to climb.

Anyone can ride the Madison course, here’s what make the VQ rides so great.

  • A fully marked 40-mile loop course, turn-by-turn
  • A turn-by-turn route map in case you miss the markings
  • Aid stations along the way for your nutritional needs
  • Fully supported SAG in case of breakdowns or other situations you may have along the way.

This means all you have to worry about is riding and VQ will have your back the entire way.

Vision Quest Members ride free as a part of their monthly membership.  Individual ride registration – $25.  3 ride package – $70.  4 ride package – $90.

Click here to register and learn more.  The first ride is coming up, don’t wait too long, it’s sure to sell out.

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