Help Send A Chicago Area Athlete To The Ironman World Championships

 Help Send A Chicago Area Athlete To The Ironman World Championships

If you are feeling a little down and need something to inspire you, check out the story of Kristin McQueen.

A Chicago area triathlete, Cancer has taken over her life for past 10 years, and racing is what keeps her positive and gives her time that cancer is not in charge. She uses triathlon as a chance to feel “alive again,” even if it’s just for a short 140.6 mile race.

Cancer has depleted her physically, emotionally, and financially and yet she keeps going with her head up because she embodies the true spirit of  the sport, she never quits and believes that she can do anything.

Don’t try and ask Kristin about the brain surgery she had in the Fall and her Ironman finish a month later.  She's humble to a fault and has no idea why anyone considers her to be inspiring. To most people who hear the story it’s an unbelievable story, to Kristin it was her way of giving the finger to cancer and raising money for people who are in worse shape than her.

Kristin has had 14 surgeries, five on her neck and nine on her brain with another brain surgery on April 30th.  She has finished nine Ironmen and has raised over $120,000 for the American Cancer Society.

She gives tirelessly and now it’s our turn to give something as a community to Kristin, the chance to race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Racing in Kona is her dream and we can help get her there by the click of a mouse.  The Ironman holds a contest called Kona Inspired, where people send in videos explaining why they should be allowed to race in the big race.

The theme for the #KonaInspired contest is Anything Is Possible. Kristin embodies that every day.

From today until May 7th: videos are on the website for the public to view and vote, you can vote once a day and more so if you use your computer, then your smart phone, then your tablet, your neighbors computer etc.  Perfect for Chicagoans!

May 8 - May 13: initial judging by ironman committee. Public vote up to that point accounts for 50% of their criteria for voting a video through so that initial voting will be important.

Finalists are put into 1 of 3 groups and the final voting period will be dependent on what group she's in after that in May.  Voting is key.

The top 2 videos in each group get spots and there will be one wild card chosen so there will be a total of 7 winners.

Let’s make Kristin one of these seven winners and make her dreams come true.

Click here to vote and to see Kristin’s video.

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