Donate Your Bike to High School Triathletes!

Donate Your Bike to High School Triathletes!

High school Triathlon Teams.  Up until a few years ago, those three words didn’t exist.

As the popularity of triathlon grows, more and more high schools have added triathlon to their roster of sports.  One of the best local programs is Warren Triathlon Club in Gurnee.

This club is open to all Warren Township High School (WTHS) students, staff, faculty and approved sponsors. The goal of this club is to introduce the fun and thrill of multi-sport training and competition to prospective first-time triathletes.

What makes triathlon different than traditional sports like football is the fact that it is  one of the few sports where parents and siblings can compete head to head with their kids. Triathlons are open events to most ages, and the WTHS Triathlon Club encourages families and friends to join in the training and racing.

Here’s the rub. Triathlon is not a cheap sport! Bikes, wet suits, wheels, goggles, running shoes, components, seats and on and on and on. It can cost thousands of dollars just to get into the sport.  One of the main things that keeps the younger generation from jumping into the sport is the cost of the equipment, which isn’t covered by any school.

Kids have to make due with what they have or rely on the goodness of strangers.  Which is where you com in.

The Warren Triathlon Club is looking for bike donations to help support their athletes.  Any and all road bikes are welcome.  These road bikes will be repaired by the team at M&M Cyclery if necessary and put to great use by student members of the Warren High School Triathlon Club who do not have access to good bikes for training and competition.

You can drop off your old bikes between today and the end of April at M&M Cyclery in Munderein. If you have been in triathlon for any amount of time, then odds are you have an old bike that you bought when you first got into the sport, rode for a while and then upgraded to something better.

While that bike might not be right for you, it will be used and loved by a student in Gurnee for years to come.

In exchange for your donated road bike, the Warren Triathlon Club will give you 5 tickets for our upcoming raffle on May 11th, 2013. 

Prizes being raffled include:

1. New Schwinn Fastback 3 road bike ($750 value) - M&M Cyclery in Mundelein

2. 16 running / triathlon training sessions ($320 value) - Amphibian Multisport in Libertyville

3. Triathlete Gift Package - Run ($170 value) - The Runner's Edge in Libertyville

4. Triathlete Gift Package - Swim ($50 value) - The Runner's Edge in Libertyville

To find out more details on how to donate your bike click here.  To check out M&M Cyclery, click here.

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