4 Healthy Recipes for Your Super Bowl Feast.

It’s Super Bowl weekend, which means the big game and lots of food!

It can be an endurance athlete’s paradox, you want to kick back watch the game and strap on the feed bag, but you also don’t need to pack on 5000 calories of Italian beef and Gyros that will kick your butt on your Monday morning workout.

You can’t chomp on kale and Tofurky while watching the game, it’s “un- American!”

To help with the dilemma, we reached out to Weight Watchers to cook up four tasty recipes that will satisfy your hunger and also keep you from filling up on junk while watching the Super Bowl.

Weight Watchers has combined the simple idea of eating and still being able to lose weight!  Novel concept.  It’s a matter of eating smart, as opposed to starving yourself.

For instance, I am currently 6’4” tall and 260 pounds (not a type-o).  I am allotted 56 “points a day,” there’s a lot to calculating these points, and at first glance 56 might not seem like a lot, but I am able to eat and never go hungry.

With all that in mind, I could eat two helping of the following recipes and still not hit 56 points!

All of these recipes are easy to make and you will be able to save the Tofurky for another day.

The gallery will show you a picture of the final product, the recipe and then cooking instructions.

For more great recipes or to help you hit your weight loss goals, click here.


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