Let's All Pile On! Armstrong Stripped of 2000 Olympic Medal.

Let's All Pile On! Armstrong Stripped of 2000 Olympic Medal.

It’s time to “pile on to” Lance Armstrong and see who can make the next headline by separating themselves from the shamed cyclist.

The International Olympic Committee has stripped Armstrong of the bronze medal he won at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

A spokesperson for the  IOC said, the committee has told Armstrong to return the 13 year old medal.

"We have written to Armstrong asking him to return the medal" and informed the U.S. Olympic Committee, IOC spokesman Mark Adams said Thursday.

What’s next, is Michelob Ultra going to ask him to pee back all of the beer he drank?

Here’s the catch.  The medal will not be re-awarded to the fourth-place finisher, Abraham Olano Manzano of Spain. The bronze designation for 2000 will simply remain vacant.

Good ol’ Abraham Olano Manzano doesn’t even get a shot at showing off his 12 year old medal covered in “cheater cooties.”  Nada.

Lance Armstrong is a cheater, a liar, a manipulator and oh, by the way, just a cyclist.  Barry Bonds is a baseball player and on and on and on.

It sounds like a nutty idea, but let them dope, let them all shoot themselves up and hit 700 home runs in a season, run for 12,000 yards and ride their bikes 119 miles an hour.

Sports is “entertainment.” Actors get plastic surgery or starve themselves for a role, they make millions, receive endorsement deals, win awards and for some reason our government doesn’t spend millions of dollars and countless hours vilifying them.

This year in “The Tour” let’s let them all dope, go crazy with the stuff!  Meanwhile, back at home, we can channel all that extra energy to keeping our children from getting slaughtered in school, at the movies and the mall.  Possibly make sure our elderly don’t end up broke and alone after a life of “real” work and sacrifice and maybe, just maybe work on re-building our country.

We are done writing about Lance Armstrong.

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