Unique Gift Ideas For Athletes, At Runners High n' Tri.

Runners High n’ Tri in Arlington Heights is stocked full of unique gifts for endurance athletes, that won’t break the bank.

From marathon themed holiday cards to Ironman stocking holders, there is something for every athlete, every distance and every budget.

Shoes wear out and clothes eventually go out of fashion, but having a 13.1 cell phone cover or triathlon necklace is something that will last a long time and you can use every day.

If you know endurance athletes, then you know we really like to talk about our our races, times and distance.  This is a good way to let them show off their accomplishments and keep in the holiday spirit.

We are getting down to the wire on gift giving and stocking stuffing, these are cool options that are also thoughtful and unique.

Ornaments, headbands, cards, necklaces, stocking holders, euro stickers and plenty more all at Runners High n’ Tri in Arlington Heights.

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