The Stocking Stuffer That Could Save Your Life.

The Stocking Stuffer That Could Save Your Life.

It may not be cold out, but it does get dark quickly.  Unless you can get away in the middle of the afternoon, daylight training options are limited and many of you aere forced to train in the dark.

Running and riding in the darkness is always a risky affair, almost anyone who trains in the darkness, understands “the close call.”  While reflective surfaces on workout gear is good, Glimmer Gear has added a new level of safety, that could keep you alive, while you train outside.

Glimmer Gear was developed by endurance athletes who have lived through teir fair share of “close calls,” and decided to do something about it.  The idea is simple: arm warmers and bike jerseys with LED light strips built into them, to increase your visibility and they look cool.

If you are thinking about doing an Ironman, these are a great training and racing tool for warmth and visibility.

The LED strips on the arm warmers are red on one arm and white on the other and can either remain static or blink, to help increase your visibility.  The arm warmers are powered by (2) 3V button batteries (CR2032) connected on one end of the strip. The batteries are included and will last a minimum of 50 hours, and you can be seen from over a 1/4 mile away.

There are other brands out there that have LED lights worked into their clothes, but what makes Glimmer Gear stand out is the was they have incorporated the technology with good looks and durability.
They are unisex, come in a few different designs and are the kind of gift idea that will be appreciated by the walker, runner, cyclist, dog walker or anyone in your family for many workouts to come.

For the holidays Glimmer Gear arm warmers are 25% off the $74.99 price tag with free shipping.

Click here to learn more about Glimmer Gear and the gift of style and safety.

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